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VOSS-Cap neo

Our newcomers the VOSS-Cap neo, offers by the innovative design of its hard shell in combination with the new foam pad the best shock absorption. It adapts to any head size through flexible wings. Vents in the upper and lateral area make sure that you always keep a cool head. The VOSS-Cap neo is certified according to EN 812:2012-04 and available in 4 colors: cobalt blue, corn blue, silver grey, black.
For use in the industrial sector, such as on partially automated assembly lines, in the customer service sector, in repair workshops where an industrial safety helmet as per EN 397 is not prescribed, and in many other areas.

Aging Indikator

After years of research and development in the field of plastic aging, we are now pleased to inform that we are able to deliver the new aging indicator made by VOSS-HELMET.
This is a film that visualizes the aging process of the protective helmet by UV rays.

Card Holder

Our new card holder is fixed with two suction cups on the helmet surface at any position. The application is possible on all VOSS-HELMET models. The dimension of the card holder is specifically designed to take all common Business- and check card formats. Placed in the ID holder the cars are protected against splashes and dust. Measurements: 60 mm x 90 mm

Reflective helmet sticker

The cool design in two colors sticks to all of our helmets, expressions the individuality of the helmet
wearer and makes sure that they are not overlooked.

Name Sticker

The names of persons can be attached to helmets per film. They can be applied on the front, back or
both sides of the protection helmet.


VOSS-Cap neo, coloured headbands MIX-IT and anti-strain adapter for VisorLight.


New bumpcap VOSS-Cap neo

Our newcomer, the VOSS-Cap neo, provides optimum shock absorption thanks to the innovative hard shell design in combination with a new type of foam pad.

It adapts to every head size through its flexible wings. Ventilation openings in the upper and side areas ensure that you always keep a cool head. The VOSS-Cap neo will be certified according to EN 812:2012-04 and is available in four different colours.


if Productdesignaward 2013 for VOSS-Cap pro

The bumpcap VOSS-Cap pro has been awarded with the if Productdesignaward 2013 for being well-designed. This lightest type of professional protective head gear, complimented by a distinct design visually emphasizing the protective features of the VOSS-Cap pro, provides extremely comfortable fit and make for high product acceptance through the improved alignment of the lock system and large vent slots.

Link: http://ifworlddesignguide.com


Headbands for our safety helmets are now available in 4 different colours. You can choose between 4 different harness-colours and combine them with any helmet colour. Show your creativity and combine e.g. the colours of your company or your favourite sports team.

   Download: VOSS-Info Individualisazion (German PDF)



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