Have you ever banged your head?

It is not only possible to be injured by falling or suspended objects if a safety helmet conforming to EN 397 is not worn. You can also bang or graze your head on fixed or projecting items of equipment and machines. A protective cap which meets the EN 812 standard protects against such occurrences. Our VOSS-Caps close the gap in the range of helmets for those fields of application, for which legislators do not actually prescribe a safety helmet, but in which the necessity of wearing a protection repeatedly presents itself in the course of our everyday working lives.

Safety, comfort and design of a fashionable baseball cap are worn more and more frequently at assembly lines, in warehouses, at the interior completion of houses (especially by carpenters, painters,…) in the agricultural sector, by fork-lift drivers, crane operators, welders, airport personnel, in slaughter houses etc. as well in the leisure sector.

Let your VOSS-Cap do your advertising! By request we will print your logo to any VOSS-Cap using the latest stich or print technologies.