Safety Helmets for Construction and Industry

Safety helmets for construction and industry are by far the most worn safety helmets. This group is distinguished by the method of manufacturing the shell by injection process in which the thermoplastic material is transformed by heating into a soft condition and formed in the shell mould.

Durability outdoors
  • 5 years
  • yes
  • economical
  • low weight
  • dyeing possible
  • satisfactory abrasion resistance
  • good weathering resistance
  • use in so-called cold zones of construction and industry

Details for your safety

VOSS helmets for construction and industry do not have a double brim due to the injury risk for eyebrows and nasal bone.

The interior is rounded. The interior pockets for the harness implementation are covered through stable, rounded textile band suspensions. Details for your security.

Design characteristics

Essentially the shells differ by their straight shape of the helmet and extended at back of neck, preferably used in construction. Depending on the model, VOSS shells have a rainwater groove and slots for ear muffs.

All VOSS helmets are fitted with a secure and very comfortable 4-point or 6-point webbed harness. Some designs are available with synthetic harness.

Passed tests

VOSS helmets of thermoplastic material have passed the following tests (partly dependant on model):

  • EN 397
  • electrical insulation, 1000 V – certification (electrician helmet)
  • temperatures down to -20 °C / -30 °C
  • artificial ageing as per EN 397 Appendix B (durability up to 5 years)
  • scientific proof of effectiveness of helmet ventilation by air circulation