Face Protection Programme

The VOSS face protection range is of top quality and quality conscious down to the last detail and designed for multiple use. Starting with a combination of helmet-face protection, comprising safety helmet, helmet straps and face protection shield, it provides the wearer extensive protection against injury. All safety shields may be combined with any helmet straps, thus guaranteeing a cost effective and simple adaptation to specific needs by quick and easy exchange.

The holes in our shields have nickel-plated eyelets to avoid tearing.

Properties / Materials / Range of application
Helmet carriers:Face protection polycarbonate, clear:Face protection, polycarbonate gold-vacuum coating:
  • aluminium-U-profile frame
  • robust design in anodised aluminium
  • extremely corrosion resistant
  • U-profile is adjustable in four positions
  • U-shaped profile is simply pushed onto the helmet from the front, held in place by a spiral spring
  • excellent for use in hot zones as all fasteners are made of metal
  • all straps are designed especially to fit VOSS helmets
  • easy exchange of face protection shields by two fasteners or clips on the side
  • grinding, turning and milling work
  • particularly high impact resistance
  • filter (heat protection) impact strength
  • suitable as splash guard against chemicals for laboratory work and in chemical industry
  • suitable as splash guard in cleaning, feeding/filling and diecasting organisations
  • stable at very low temperatures up to –50°C in cold storage
  • excellent transparency
  • suitable at high temperatures up to approx. +135°C
  • gold-vacuum coating acts
    as infrared safety of safety
    level 4-3
  • very high reflection of radiation, up to approx. 94%
  • excellent transparency

Wire face guard

  • suitable as heat protection and splash guard at smelting furnaces, in steel mills and foundries