Norm label

According to the European standard helmet shell and harness must be permanently marked by stamping or casting:


  1. Number of the European standard
  2. Name or sign of the manufacturer
  3. Type of helmet (harness and helmet shell)
  4. Size or range of size (harness and helmet shell)
    Size adjustment of VOSS-helmets from 51 - 64 cm
    and of VOSS-Cap from 50 - 63 cm (depending on the model)
  5. Abbreviation for the material of the helmet shell
  6. Quarter and year of production
  7. Label with instructions for use of the safety helmet or bumpcap

Additional Markings:

  • very low temperatures
    -20 °C / -30 °C
  • very high temperatures
    +150 °C
  • electrical insulation
    1000 V, double triangle   
  • lateral deformation
  • metal splashings