Safety Helmets

Let your helmet do your advertising! We will put your logo on any VOSS helmet. It identifies you and increases the degree of recognition.

Colours and special coulours

A VOSS helmet is available in any colour. Use the opportunity to order your helmets in your corporate colour – at a small surcharge only. Corporate identity plays an important role.

Presenting your organisation confidently builds trust and increases the degree of recognition.

Merely state the required RAL-colours on your order (standardised colour code).

Stay visible!

Contrasting strips lend your helmet special style. With the help of these strips hierarchies and work groups within your organisation can be emphasised.

Reflective sticker

Besides the known print and films we offer reflective sticker sets. Herewith the visibility can beoptimized at any time of the day.The cool design in two colors sticks to all of our helmets, expressions the individuality of the helmetwearer and makes sure that they are not overlooked.


Print and adhesive film

Applying the logos takes place as adhesive film or as tamp print and/or silk screen printing.

For information according to the most appropriate method for your special demand please contact us.

Please send us a reproducible artwork (fair drawing or film) of your company logo. 

Size of the printing area

For the size of the printing area of each model and the possible position please refer to the table below.

HelmetFront (mm)
(B x H)
Side (mm)
(B x H)
60 x 40
60 x 40
60 x 40
60 x 40
50 x 40
50 x 40
80 x 20
80 x 20
80 x 20
80 x 20
80 x 20

Widths and heights mentioned are max. printing areas. Deviations from the maximum printing areas are possible due to technical reasons.

Name Sticker

The names of persons can be attached to helmets per film. They can be
applied on the front, back or both sides of the prcotection helmet.

Coloured headbands

MIX-IT… with our coloured headbands, you can now combine the interior of your safety helmet in four different colours with one helmet colour. Display your creativity, irrespective of

whether it is your company‘s colour combination or that of your favourite team.

For the model series:

  • INAP-Master
  • INAP-Defender
  • INAP-Profiler

Possible combinations demonstrated on INAP-Master: