General information

Our safety helmets always comprise a shell and webbed or synthetic harness. Depending on the design or your request, adjustable ventilation, sweatbands, inner cushioning, chin strap and many other accessories are available. Deciding which VOSS helmet is the right one for you depends on the particular need. There is no all-purpose helmet as each branch of industry differs widely from the other. A chemical plant cannot be compared to a steel mill and a helmet suitable for the wharf may not be suitable or necessary for construction. For detailed information of the individual groups of articles, please consult the previous pages.

Optimum safety

Each VOSS helmet has its own unmistakable design. Yet all have one thing in common:

the energy dissipating shell construction. With the assistance of advanced computer technology consideration is given to the composition of a high shock absorbing shell already at the developmental stage. Supported by numerous realistic simulations and tests we create safety helmets and bumpcaps deserving the description - namely VOSS-HELME.

Our quality is your safety

All VOSS-HELME carry a quality guarantee as per category III of EU-Regulations No. 89/686/ETU, article 11A and are tested annually by an independent test centre, among others as per EN 397.

The annual VDE-quality guarantee for VOSS-HELME includes inspection of both safety helmets as well as production and all testing equipment. In addition we have our supervised ongoing in-house quality guarantee as per ISO 9001 regulations. Together both guarantees a constantly high standard – designed for the safety of the wearer. Because VOSS-helmets are, have been and always will be quality safety helmets.

Safety helmet or bumpcap

A safety helmet according to EN 397 protects the wearer from falling and swinging objects, a bump cap according to EN 812 against injuries on stationary objects. A VOSS-Cap provides more security than no head protection!