VOSS helmets have a large shell and adjustable sizes, ranging from 51- 64 cm. This eliminates the costly and tiresome purchasing of different sized helmets. We recommend using our top quality sweatbands and foam cushion bands for extra comfort. Our bump caps are adjustable from 50 - 63 cm (depending on the model).

VOSS helmets do not fall off when bending down!

Correct fit

The harness of VOSS helmets is exemplary for comfort and stability. For a perfect fit of the safety helmet, the webbing, i.e. the supporting harness must sit firmly on the head, and the correctly extended neckband of the VOSS helmet has to be pushed down slightly.


For an improved micro-climate inside the helmet, ventilation slits have been fitted on the side of the shell. VOSS-HELME have scientifically proven the effectiveness of its helmet ventilation system based on the placing of the slits and the width of the shell. A well-functioning air circulation is important for good ventilation inside the helmet in order to avoid a ‘chimney effect’.

Top: VOSS helmet with serialised verntilation

Bottom: the same helmet without ventilation

The thermogram clearly shows the difference in
temperature and humidity.